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Judy, Buffalo NY, Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner , would like to invite you to join with her in a supportive relationship filled with:




• Honesty
• Trust
• Openness
• Mutual respect
• Commitment
• Confidentiality
  It leads you to the goals you intend to accomplish through
life coaching and spiritual coaching processes that are:

           • Creative
           • Knowledgeable
           • Dependable
           • Non-threatening
           • Goal-orientated


Reiki Master

You’ll experience how to:

• Deal with disruptions that hold you back
• Reduce the sources of stress you feel
• Overcome the self-destructive “disease to please”
• Set Attainable goals
• Initiate and accept changes to reach your goals
• “Hear” your own answers for your life
• Restore harmony

Rewards aplenty through your changes
• Enjoy BALANCE through an increased spiritual consciousness
• Work with TOOLS to help you resolve challenges every day
• GAIN a greater sense of self-importance
• Create and enhance a clear VISION for your life
• Feel empowered to BE the person you really want to be
• Know that you’re the most VALUED PERSON on earth

For a Complimentary Consultation contact Judy at 716-374-3518,
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